Press Release: GIBM Working on Colorado Report

October 24, 2021

by Sean Kullman


October 24, 2021

Company: Global Initiative for Boys & Men

Address: Mailbox 337

685 Spring Street

Friday Harbor, Washington 98250


Topic: Creating a Colorado Commission on the Status of Boys and Men

Full Summary: Earlier this month, GIBM started working on the Colorado Report on the Status of Boys and Men. With financial support and help from groups interested in child custody reform, criminal justice, and education, GIBM has nearly completed its analysis specific to Colorado that we hope to release sometime soon. The report will help Colorado supporters in their mission to promote a Colorado Commission on the Status of Boys and Men. The report will also include a slide deck (powerpoint presentation) the Colorado group can use to present to lawmakers and others.

Those supporting this effort have statewide reach. GIBM is now seeing individuals and groups working in different states for a common cause. Four states are now working on various efforts regarding a commission on boys and men.

Below is part of our data on Colorado. Opioid and suicide deaths in Colorado resemble much of what we see across the nation. Although this data is not surprising to many in the field of boys' and men's research, suicide and opioid deaths do vary from state to state but consistently show a male pattern. For those interested in donating to this project, feel free to donate at

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