The Global Initiative for Boys and Men supports boys, men, and families through research and advocacy. (GIBM) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public policy organization that conducts in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing boys and men and identifies supports groups that advocate for them.

Who We Are

Our History

Motivated by leading research over the past 30 years, GIBM provides the essential research and data to inform policy makers, educators, parents, media, and government at all levels to collectively improve the outcomes for boys and men.

Our Experts

Our experts provide the resources necessary to understand the ways to help boys and men find success. Many of our team members are accomplished speakers, authors, and thought leaders. Contact us to discuss your area of interest and we can put together a speaking engagement tailored to your needs.

Contact: info@gibm.us

What We Do

Advocacy through Research and Policy

Our research leads to the advocacy necessary to create change. Our focus on education, parenting, careers, and physical and mental health allows GIBM to address the number of concerns the families of boys and men see every day.

What We Stand For

Our Mission

The Global Initiative for Boys and Men supports boys and men through research and advocacy.

Our Vision

We envision a world where the well-being of everyone, including men and boys, is equally sought.

Our Values

We are nonpartisan, inclusive, transparent, evidence-based, and supportive.

Key Areas of Focus

  1. Education: Boys are falling behind at every level of the education system. Boys are more likely to drop out of high school, less likely to take the SAT and attend college, and even less likely to complete college. As the table below indicates, men have been steadily falling behind since 1980, and the difference has reached alarming levels. The U.S. Pell Grant system has rightly funded women while shortchanging our sons. Pell spends $6 Billion more yearly funding women in undergraduate programs than men (see Appendix A.) Title IX enforcement has overlooked issues that benefit boys and men and it’s important to ensure Title IX fulfills its obligation to gender equality.

  2. Jobs/Careers: The outsourcing and automation of jobs has led to increased displacement for American men. With fewer men going to college and fewer training programs for non-college related careers, men face great obstacles in securing careers they want and need. As the COVID-19 recession looms, employment issues take on even more importance.

  3. Fatherhood, Parenting, and Families: We need to continue to push for Family Court reform. A third of boys are raised in father-absent homes, yet both boys and girls with significant father involvement show better outcomes in more than 25 areas of well-being. Men and women who grew up with a father are also more likely to be present parents themselves. Mothers of sons also need support to help raise healthy sons and daughters, and fathers are a necessary component.

  4. Physical Health: Men die five years sooner than women, but as life expectancy has increased overall with improved technology, the life expectancy gap between men and women has increased. As of May 2020, males account for 60-70% of COVID-19 deaths worldwide, and scientists still don’t know the reason. However, while the federal government has rightly seen the importance of creating an Office of Women’s Health, there is no Office of Men’s Health.

  5. Emotional Health: Boys’ suicide rate is five times girls’ between ages 13 and 20, as boys feel the pressures of the male role. Globally, men commit about 78% of suicides and are less likely to seek help for depression.

While our focus is in the United States, our research, advocacy, and public awareness has global implications.

Many of these 5 pillars are inter-related and unraveling one of them can lead to a life time of change. A boy who receives a strong education is more likely to become a man who finds a career, becomes a dedicated father, and experiences a stronger physically and emotionally healthy life.

Global Initiative for Boys and Men is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You can view our Guidestar profile here.

"It is better to build strong boys than fix broken men."

~Frederick Douglass.