Supporting the well-being of boys and men through research and advocacy


The Gurian Summer Institute has an in-person and virtual option.

All Presenters will focus on the healthy social-emotional growth of our students and children in a “post-Covid ” world, in which we continue to deal with emotional, academic, digital, behavioral, and mental health issues from the pandemic.

The in-person option will take place in Phoenix, Arizona.

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October 27, 2022

Notice Times:

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Mountain Time)

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In this day-long presentation,

Dr. Leonard Sax explores a variety of

factors that help explain why so many boys

are now boys adrift – along with concrete recommendations for parents and professionals to help these children get back on track.

Our Boys at Risk IV Online

Lecture features Leonard Sax, an

internationally acclaimed author

and lecturer. As a physician and a

psychologist, Dr. Sax has visited

and worked with more than 460

schools, universities, juvenile

justice facilities, communities of

faith, corporations, pre-Ks and

nursery schools, community groups.

He will share what he has learned from these visits and form his 30+ yeas as both a medical doctor and as a PhD psychologist.

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